Netanyahu to Putin: 'Syria responsible for shooting down Russian plane'

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow Russia

But Israel denied the accusations, saying that "when the Syrian Army launched the missiles that hit the Russian plane, (Israeli) jets were already within Israeli airspace".

Russian Federation has largely overlooked the sorties, which the Israelis say pose no direct threat to Moscow's ally, President Bashar Al-Assad. Such a proposition threatens to undermine the agreement, which was put in place in the absence of a political solution.

The Idlib region and adjoining territory north of Aleppo represent the opposition's last big foothold in Syria.

A Hezbollah supporter holds up portraits of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, right, and Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, left, during activities to mark the ninth of Ashura, a 10-day ritual commemorating the death of Imam Hussein, in a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, on September 19, 2018.

Russian Federation is right to put an airstrike on military targets in Israel.

"Unfortunately, Syria [n] forces hit a Russian aircraft and we share the sorrow of the families and the Russian army", Eisenkot said.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, meanwhile, told reporters that the shoot-down complicates relations between Syria and Russian Federation but would have "no effect whatever" on the U.S. campaign to defeat Islamic State fighters in Syria. Russian Federation has "strong, historical ties" with Israel, she told a weekly briefing Thursday.

The opposition fighters are to give up their heavy weapons, mortars and tanks by October 10, Putin said. "If Russia is interested in bringing peace to Syria, it should make sure Iran and its militias leave Syria once and for all", James Jeffrey, United States Special Representative for Syria said in a statement about Syria.

"Iran can not dictate the future for the Syrian people".

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The Syrian government, in a statement published by state media, said it welcomed any agreement that spared blood. "We will stay there until further notice", Nasrallah said.

"Had ISIS seized control of Syria, what would have Lebanon's fate been?" he asked. "But Israel is playing a unsafe game, with maximalist objectives to roll back Iranian presence in Syria". "Or is it the beginning of a reprieve?"

In general, regarding Iran's presence in Syria, the USA says Iran has to go.

For his part, Erdogan said both his country and Russian Federation would carry out coordinated patrols in the demilitarised zone. He said some will attempt to spark infighting to rid the area of jihadists and help the Turkey-Russia deal. It was also not immediately clear how much of the city of Idlib fell within the zone. All that is known for now, according to the statements issued by Putin and Erdogan, is that the demilitarized zone is to be established by October 15 along a horseshoe-shaped line roughly corresponding to the borders of Idlib province. "With a meaningful political settlement in Syria an increasingly far-fetched objective, this could well be the new reality we live with for years to come.' President Trump added that the U.S. had done a 'tremendous job" battling the Islamic State group in Syria.

Idlib is held by an array of rebels.

Idlib is home to the primary stronghold of Syria's al-Qaeda branch, considered the terrorist group's most potent affiliate. Israel and Hezbollah fought a brief war on Lebanese soil in 2006.

The Kremlin said Putin also warned Netanyahu against carrying out such operations in the future.

Earlier this month, Putin publicly rebuffed a proposal from Erdogan for a truce when the two met along with Iran's president at a summit in Tehran.

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