New Fish Species Discovered Deep In The Ocean



Researchers were able to capture footage of their new finds, and even captured one by luring it into a trap. For now, the fish are merely being referred to as the red, blue and red Atacama snailfish.

Provisional data indicate that there are three new species related to the family of the snailfish of the Marianas (or slugs of the Liparidaefamily ), whose first specimens were discovered in the Mariana Trench.

"These fish are part of the Liparidae family and do not conform to the preconceived stereotypical image of what a deep-sea fish should look like", said a representative from England's Newcastle University, which participated in the expedition, in a statement on Monday. "Beyond the reach of other fish they are free of competitors and predators", said Dr. Thomas Linley, from Newcastle University and lead author of the new study.

"As the video clearly shows, on the seabed, there are many invertebrate prey and the snailfish are the main predators; They seem to be quite active and they look very well fed, "says Thomas Linley". Tragically, when brought to the surface, snailfish bodies "melt rapidly" from the lack of pressure, but the researchers took great pains to preserve their single specimen, which is now being studied.

On the video, the newly discovered snailfish has appeared to belong as well as gelatinous which will come with the translucent skin as well as an ethereal movement. But the newly discovered snailfish are perfectly content to swim these hellish waters, due in part to their gelatinous bodies, which are nearly entirely free of bones, save for the little structures in their inner ears that help with balance. "Without the unheard of tension and frigid to beef up their bodies they're extremely fragile and soften all true now when dropped on the surface", Linely added.

Joining an expedition to the Atacama Trench, the Newcastle University scientists helped uncover information about life in one of the deepest places on the planet.

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With these instruments, they were ready to search out three attention-grabbing creatures, which they think are styles of snailfish, about 5 miles deep.

The Atacama trench or Peru-Chile trench is about 6,000 km long and, in some points, exceeds 8,000 meters in depth. The scientist said that they could trap one of them and it is in good condition for further study.

Researchers also captured footage of munnopsids, long-legged crustaceans that are about the size of an adult hand.

As well as swimming backwards, using paddles on their bellies to propel themselves, the snailfish can shuffle along the seafloor like spiders.

The snailfish will be featured as part of the Challenger Conference 2018 which kicks off at Newcastle University from today and runs until Friday.

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