No more flights to Europe? UK issues dire Brexit aviation warnings

Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid

The government is trying to join an global agreement (Inter-bus) that would mean occasional coach services, such as coach holidays and tours, could still go ahead.

These include Stilton blue cheese, Cornish clotted cream, Welsh lamb and wines and spirits.

The government said it anticipates that all the current products will continue to be protected by the EU's geographical indication schemes, which prevent them being imitated throughout the bloc.

The UK said it was encouraging the European Union to take "reciprocal action in recognizing UK-issued certificates".

The notice for coach operators said ministers are seeking to negotiate continued membership of the Interbus Agreement, which would allow occasional services for the likes of holiday operators, but this "cannot be guaranteed".

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, said the "official confirmation of just how bad this scenario would be is bound to encourage businesses and shoppers to consider - now - stockpiling, buying ahead, hedging currency risk, procuring additional warehousing, relocating production to the European Union, and other practical measures to secure supply".

"These actions in turn will increase prices and begin to distort markets immediately".

As well as disruption to airline flights and agricultural trade, the latest batch of "technical notices" suggest that motorists, pet owners, truck drivers, chemical and tech firms would all face new costs, red tape and delays.

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The latest batch of Government papers advising British people and businesses about how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit shows that the United Kingdom could face food shortages, grounded flights and chaos at the ports.

Britain, which has warned it could leave without a deal, published 25 technical notices on Monday covering everything from commercial road haulage and buying timber to airline regulations and taking pets overseas.

Under a no-deal outcome, EU-issued aviation licences would no longer be valid and airlines would have to seek individual permissions to operate across Europe, one document states.

Under the best case, this would mean little change in pet travel arrangements.

Brexiteers accept there is likely to be some short-term economic pain but say the government is trying to scare voters about the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

"UK downstream users now importing chemicals from an EEA country would face new registration requirements".

The EU on Monday gave Britain two months to recover 2.7 billion euros ($3.3 billion) in lost customs duties or risk referral to the EU's top court after London allegedly ignored a scam by Chinese importers.

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