Outrage as football players ‘black-up’ as Serena and Venus

Three Tasmanian footballers dressed up in blackface costumes for Mad Monday celebrations. The

Three Tasmanian footballers dressed up in blackface costumes for Mad Monday celebrations. The

Pictures emerged last month of several Bulldogs players nude, vomiting on the street and passed out during their end-of-season drinks at a Sydney hotel.

Three soccer players from the Australian rules Football Club, were captured dressed in blackface mocking Serena & Venus and Kenyan soccer player Aliiir Aliiir.

The players dressed as the tennis siblings, identified as Mitch Stanley and Matt Chamberlain, donned pristine white tennis outfits, pink rackets and curly black wigs to complement their blackface efforts and complete their controversial costumes.

Grundy while posting the image on a Facebook group was captained: "William sisters and Aliir Aliir #MadMonday".

The latest racist incident involving players from the Penguin Football Club has left many Australians setting their "days without blackface incident in Australia" boards back to zero again, as many Twitter users quipped.

Following a thorough, global dragging on social media, the football club players apologized and have been rebuked by club leadership.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a spokesperson for Tasmania's Australian rules governing body said the behavior "is not acceptable" and that the organization "vehemently disapprove of it". Do you have a comment about the players in your team wearing "black-face".?

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He said: 'I couldn't shout anymore, ' so that's obviously 60 percent less of his level. "I didn't hear anything different". Van Dijk was seen on the bench later in the second half rather than in the dressing room receiving treatment.

"It was not their intention to upset anyone and all they meant to do was dress as one of their sporting idols".

Many said it was overtly racist, but in an article published on The Herald Sun website, Knight defended his work and said he was "amazed" it had received such a strong reaction.

Three players posing for a photo in blackface has put a Tasmanian football club under pressure to punish the players responsible.

The row comes soon after an Australian newspaper cartoonist was accused of racism for his portrayal of Serena Williams following her defeat at the recent U.S. Open competition. "Those concerned have been reprimanded and will be given support to make sure they understand that their behavior was racist and hurtful and that it will not happen again".

The cartoon was widely condemned on social media by sports figures and celebrities.

The incident is the second in the space of a week in Australia which involves Serena Williams and accusations of racism, after Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight was scrutinised internationally for his portrayal of the United States tennis player.

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