Patriots coach Bill Belichick not paying attention to Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk

Saquon Barkley’s debut left him wondering what could have been

Saquon Barkley’s debut left him wondering what could have been

Not even his grandma.

"To respect the game, you have to play it fierce", Ramsey said. "If my brother, my dad, my mom or my grandma was out there, it's on". Right now we're focused on our preparation for the game. "You've always got to anticipate, and playing with energy and enthusiasm are all part of the game".

"Football is not a game meant to be played being nice to each other and all that, like Kumbaya. But after the game's over with, that's cool".

"I definitely would", Ramsey said. She know that. My grandma knows that. "I love you, but you know that".

Ramsey added that granny "might not get up from one of my licks".

Ramsey is a renowned trash-talker and one of the most competitive guys on the team.

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Reminded of those comments Thursday - and told that Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash said that anyone who believes Gronkowski is overrated is insane - Ramsey just shrugged. Last season, Jalen Ramsey tried to rouse his troops by undercutting Gronkowski's reputation.

But with a 2017 AFC Championship Game rematch showdown between the Jaguars and Patriots set for this Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Ramsey clarified his thoughts on Gronkowski as a football player on Thursday, but not by much.

That reporter informed Ramsey that Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Walsh said that anyone who believes Gronkowski is overrated would qualify as being insane. "He's good. He's good, now".

"I mean, it's a game of poise certainly, but it's also a game of just cutting it loose, and that's got to be a lot of confidence, a lot of trust in the people that are next to you so you can go be really free of what you're doing to go play a very anticipatory sport". And that's the first time you get to look at your opponent in the eye, and I think that's the point you realize 'OK, this is the kind of game it's gonna be.' And once you take the field it's like you've kind of entered the arena.

"I don't live my life with regrets, man. Things happen". He's going to have to come out there and line up on me, or however it goes. In that dissection of Gronkowski's play, the third-year pro talked about Gronkowski wasn't that good, and how his numbers drastically go down when matched up against an elite cornerback. "I mean, I think emotion in football is critical, and I think you have to have the energy and emotion".

Ramsey and defensive coordinator Todd Wash declined to provide details into what could be in store Sunday. I'm sure he's going to have opportunities to go versus me. "Whoever goes against him, I'm very confident that they'll hold it down, and I'll do my job and I'll hold it down where I'm at". If it doesn't, it doesn't.

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