Petrol climbs to ₹88.67 per litre in Mumbai, diesel at ₹77.82

Fuel price hike Petrol price touches Rs 88.39 diesel crosses Rs 77.58 in Mumbai

Fuel price hike Petrol price touches Rs 88.39 diesel crosses Rs 77.58 in Mumbai

Fuel prices today: Mumbai has the highest sales tax or VAT.

Prices of petrol and diesel vary from one city to another because of differences in local sales tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) and transportation cost.

After a day's lull, the upward march of fuel prices resumed Thursday with petrol price being hiked by 13 paise per litre and diesel by 11 paise, according to a price notification of state-owned oil marketing companies.

In Delhi, the petrol price has been risen to a record ₹ 81.28 a litre, while diesel price increased to ₹ 73.30, which is also at a record high, but lowest among the four metros.

In Mumbai, petrol is retailed at 88.67 per litre, for Rs 84.49 in Chennai and Rs 83.14 in Kolkata.

Diesel costs ₹77.82 per litre in Mumbai, ₹77.49 per litre in Chennai and ₹75.36 per litre in Kolkata.

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India imports about 80% of its crude oil, and the falling rupee will make the imports costlier and lead to a rise in fuel prices.

Prices of petrol have since risen by ₹4.20 per litre and prices of diesel by ₹4.53, the most in any month since daily revision in fuel prices was introduced in June a year ago. Petrol at pumps of Indian Oil Corp (IOC) in Delhi cost ₹81.28 per litre, the fuel sells for ₹81.37 at stations owned by Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL).

Except for halts on September 5 and September 12, fuel prices have been increased nearly daily across India over the past few weeks, owing to higher crude oil prices coupled with a depreciating rupee.

In Mumbai, petrol at International Olympic Committee pumps costs Rs 88.67, while it comes for Rs 88.72 at BPCL outlets and Rs 88.75 at HPCL stations.

Diesel in Mumbai at BPCL outlet costs Rs 77.87, at HPCL pumps Rs 77.90 and at International Olympic Committee outlets Rs 77.82 per litre.

"Mid-month unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) is predicting the biggest fuel price hike in South Africa's history by some margin", reports the Automobile Association.

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