Planet Nine playing hide-and-seek, and its hiding right beyond Neptune

With the planet thought to orbit so far from Earth-based telescopes, it could be impossible to find with current telescopes.

From the search for intelligent alien life to the dark matter that binds our cosmos, our universe is hiding plenty of juicy secrets. According to calculations by Brown and his colleague Konstantin Batygin in 2016, Planet Nine likely weighs from five to 20 Earth masses and travel along an orbit that's hundreds or 1,000 times farther from the sun than Earth.

Click on The Sun for more. Whether or not that is Planet Nine remains to be confirmed. Perhaps by then, the scientific community will have decided to make Pluto a planet again, the little guy deserves it.

Although it might be too hard to spot because of the distance, astronomers are convinced that there is an extra planet inside our solar system.

The endlessly wide expanse of the solar system is also a considerable challenge for scientists who have to sweep the area for hints of Planet Nine.

( Caltech/R. Ache (IPAC) ) Circumstantial proof facets at the existence of Planet Nine, the hypothetical planet that some astronomers deem lies within the outer order of the Solar Procedure beyond Neptune.Scientists deem that the existence of this world would perhaps perhaps furthermore present the strangle looping of the trans-Neptunian objects or TNOs at the perimeter of the considerable person map.

One is that the Kuiper Belt - a circumstellar disc full of icy asteroids, comets and dwarf planets which encompasses the solar system - orbits in the opposite direction to the planets within it.

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Another thing to consider is the wavelength of light that should be coming from Planet Nine.

This means that our millimeter telescopes in Antarctica and Chile might be able to pick up its glow if Planet Nine happens to cross their search field.

At the moment, two separate teams are searching for Planet Nine with the Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

Some experts believe it could be up to 1,000 years before the planet is spotted.

Why cannot astronomers see the "perturber" that could be Planet number nine?

The worst-case scenario is that we might glance over to its location when the planet has already moved to a more distant point in its elliptical orbit, slipping beyond the 1,000 AU-limit.

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