Roger Federer's 'interesting' take on the Serena Williams umpire debate

Yet, on that evening at the Flushing Meadows, the tennis world got to see a different, may be the dark side of this great player, one of seething anger borne out of a feeling that she had been wronged.

"Internalized White supremacy is as broad as White supremacy itself, and the notion that she should have tolerated it is kind of like the way folks deal with the cops, and that is that you're supposed to turn on the light in your vehicle".

The episode didn't meet an end there, either, as Serena Williams' husband tried to rub a little more salt into the wound.

Having a go at a referee is not the best form in a match, and no matter the opinion on the calls Ramos made, Naomi Osaka's monumental win was overshadowed by the discussion after the match about Serena Williams' words and the treatment she received. As the umpire tried to speak to Williams she ordered him not to speak to her. As a result, Nike designed a attractive, sleek, cat-like bodysuit. She was fined a total $104,500 in the last six years, according to The Guardian.

"And by robbing her first of a point and then of the game, he actually intruded upon and affected the outcome", she said. Ramos issued Williams a second code violation, which carried a penalty of one point. "Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard".

Although Williams remained gracious in defeat, Williams still showed a lack of understanding and self-reflection in her post-match press conference. Men can trash talk and dress how ever they want, but when women attempt to do the same, they face repercussions. The umpire sits across the net, leaning over and appealing to her 20-year-old opponent, "Can you just let her win".

"For me to say "thief" and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark". Djokovic adds, "Just maybe changed - not maybe, but he did change the course of the match".

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It's clear that Williams should sincerely apologize to the chair umpire.

Upset and frustrated, Serena said, loudly, she has never cheated, and forcefully repeated, "you owe me an apology".

Leading three games to one, the second controversy of the day came when Williams yelled and smashed her racket into the court following a returned volley that cost her the game.

"It's interesting but I think it's important to look at it", Federer told KVUE, as quoted on the Express.

The 23-time grand slam victor has stayed silent since the on-court argument with chair umpire Carlos Ramos last week, which divided the tennis world. Ms. Osaka, a first-time Grand Slam victor, is cocoa brown and not that much smaller than Serena. There was no evidence that the umpire was biased and the penalties were fair and part of the rules. "If you're a female you should be able to do even half of what a guy can do".

The tennis superstar's meltdown in the finals of the U.S. Open - which helped lead to her loss to Naomi Osaka of Japan - raised questions not only of her own behavior but of whether the sport expects more decorum from women than it does from men.

"I work really, really hard at my game".

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