Roseanne Barr Says She's Moving to Israel



Speaking with the UK Times last week, John Goodman, who plays Roseanne's husband on the show, broke his silence over the firing of Barr, presenting a partial defense of her and hinting at how "The Connors" would explain the glaring absence of the show's former star.

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr said she plans to travel to Israel to study for a few months and will not be in the US when the spin-off series of her canceled show is aired in October.

But on Sunday's podcast, she said is "not going to curse it or bless" the new show.

Barr said she won't be watching The Conners when it premieres October 16 on ABC, but is instead planning a trip to Israel, to study "with any rabbi that I can ask to teach me".

In a surprising turn, Barr also revealed that she plans on pursuing her original dream of being a singer, telling Boteach that she "went to Nashville and cut a record", adding, "I'm singing and getting better". The mea culpa was not enough for ABC however, which issued a statement saying it was axing the hit show over Barr's "abhorrent, repugnant" tweet. A lot of them have called me, have come up to me and said, 'You were my mom, ' and so you can imagine the grief I have gone through, not just for myself, for them'. I'm staying neutral. I'm staying away from it. (I'm not) wishing bad on anyone, and I don't wish good for my enemies, you know.

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The Twitter rant that got Barr fired included a comparison of top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape. She has stated she's working on a new sitcom, but has not offered any details.

"There was mourning. It was a death to me", she said of losing the show.

She said that she is going to go an study "with any rabbi that I can ask to teach me". "And once you apologize to them, they never forgive, they just try to beat you down until you don't exist", she said. "They don't accept apologies". In fact, she will be going to Israel to study her faith with some of her favorite teachers instead. "[The same box as] real racists that actually exist", she said. "It was political. And I'm sorry for the misunderstanding that caused, my ill-worded tweet".

"They put me in a box with them". They do not think. "They don't think. They're under mind control".

The Conners premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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