Roxanne Pallett: 'I massively apologise to Ryan'

Roxanne Pallett: 'I massively apologise to Ryan'

Roxanne Pallett: 'I massively apologise to Ryan'

The former Emmerdale actress accused the ex-Corrie star Ryan of "punching her like a boxer would punch a bag" and "assaulting" her.

If you're out of the loop, here's a quick summary - Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of physically assaulting her in the Big Brother house, with footage showing Thomas mock-punching with Pallett.

'He wouldn't hurt a fly, its been so hard because we know the truth, but for him to go through this and to think everyone outside thinks he's a woman beater is very bad'.

Pallett has been under heavy scrutiny after "crying wolf" to Big Brother over an incident in which Ryan Thomas seemingly playfully jabbed her in the sifde.

Asked who was hurt more by the ordeal. her or Ryan, Roxanne unreservedly answered "Ryan".

She said: 'She should apologise, she needs to publicly apologise and mean, and then get some help'.

It was announced on Saturday morning that Roxanne had quit Celebrity Big Brother after two weeks inside the house.

Roxanne Pallett: 'I massively apologise to Ryan'

"I'd be devastated and mortified to think that one person would think I've discredited or undermined abuse".

Lucy added: 'I think he was in too much distress for too long, I understand stories have to unravel natural but he broke down several times in three or four days think they've let him down, and maybe even Roxanne'.

The actress "massively" apologised to Thomas and his family but said she might be "over-sensitive" because she has previously been a victim of domestic violence. It's not an environment in there, I wasn't thinking straight. He has been visibly distraught since the play fight.

However despite her distress at watching Ryan break down on television Lucy said that she doesn't wish any harm to Roxanne.

Appearing on Channel 5's new current affairs show Jeremy Vine today, Roxanne gave her very first interview since exiting the house. I massively regret it.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Pallett said "In the moment it felt worse than it was". These are character traits I need to look at and really focus on in an attempt to, not just rebuild may career but rebuild my persona life.

'I shouldn't have questioned Ryan's motivation. I got it wrong.

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