Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence's path, officials say

Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence's path, officials say

Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence's path, officials say

Residents facing quadruple threat from Hurricane Florence. On its current track, the storm will hit the coast on Friday with maximum sustained winds of about 105 miles per hour.

According to the NRC, there are specific sets of rules nuclear power plant operators must follow leading up to landfall of a hurricane or tropical storm in the vicinity of the plant.

Duke spokeswoman Mary Kathryn Green said the company was following its procedures and is shutting Unit 1 now and would start shutting Unit 2 at the 1,870-megawatt plant later today.

Since Fukushima, all US reactors have been upgraded with additional safety equipment, including portable pumps and generators to keep cooling water circulating through the reactor in case the plant loses offsite power.

Personnel at our other Carolinas nuclear plants have initiated storm procedures and preparations, and continue to monitor the status of the storm. Two they have backup generators for power and we will rapidly assess any impacts to a nuclear power plant post-storm.

3 million could lose power when Hurricane Florence hits
At the White House, President Donald Trump both touted the government's readiness and urged people to get out of the way of Florence.

Nuclear plant operators prepare in the days before a storm by ensuring that all loose debris and equipment is removed or secured, and conducting walk-down inspections of important systems and equipment.

The locations of nuclear power plants in North and SC. The Robinson plant responded to a temporary loss of off-site power by shutting down safely. Emergency diesel generators at both plants operated as designed, and off-site power was restored within 24 hours.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, said it was anxious about the Brunswick plant's capabilities to weather out the storm.

With a major storm bearing down on these power plants, some thoughts are turning back to 2011, when Japan's Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant was impacted in the wake of the devastating March 11 quake and tsunami.

In addition to all of this, the spread of pig manure into flood waters is also a concern. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew's landfall brought down power lines and flooded transformers, leaving more than two million customers without power across several states.

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