Skype support coming to Alexa later this year

Alexa More Popcorn Please! Amazon Launches Voice Controlled Microwave

Alexa More Popcorn Please! Amazon Launches Voice Controlled Microwave

Interested buyers can request an invitation for owning an Echo Auto for an introductory price of $25.

Just like the microwave, Amazon's new clock is also connected to Echo speakers over Bluetooth. The design is similar to those of its predecessor. Sure, a couple of them leaked here and there like the new Echo Sub, but most of Amazon's announcements came as a complete surprise. It is available for preorders and will be shipped by October. Echo Wall Clock, Echo Input, and Echo Link will be available later this year, and Echo Link Amp will be available in early 2019.

[Photo: Amazon]Redesigned Echo Dot, $49.99: Millions of people already own Echo Dots-15 million as of December 2017-but this week, Amazon touted the benefits of its redesigned version, which can play music 70% louder, thanks to a new 1.6-inch driver, and analyze your idle musings much more thoroughly, thanks to a new microphone array.

Alexa Guard can send you alerts with audio clips when specific sounds are detected, for instance, and you can choose to forward those alerts to your security provider. The smart speaker is also available in three colours.

You'll find a massive new subwoofer from Amazon this week that's made to pair with other Echo speakers. This subwoofer will be shipped starting on October 11th, and is for sale now for approximately $130 Dollars. They aren't going to be better than your home entertainment receiver, but they might be a nice stopgap if you aren't looking to set up some insane 5.1 surround setup in your home office, but want something with more firepower than the Echo Input. So you can command Alexa remotely to turn on or off any device that's plugged into Amazon Smart Plug. This camera monitors indoor and outdoor areas in 1080p HD. It'll eventually work with Echo View, too!

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[Photo: Amazon]AmazonBasics Microwave, $59.99: Amazon announced an Alexa-powered microwave that warns you when popcorn is burning.

This microwave works with Alexa, so you'll be able to tell your Echo device to warm up a nice bowl of beans if you do so please.

The Seattle internet giant is pushing Alexa more deeply into customers' lives, hoping to popularize technology that has yet to go mainstream and connecting people more to Amazon's universe of things to buy. The microwave can deliver 700 W of power, has a capacity of 0.7 ft³, and will set buyers back $60 when it ships on November 14.

Amazon is selling two versions: The $229.99 model lets you record up to two shows at once, while the more expensive $279.99 model gives you more storage and the ability to record up to four shows simultaneously. It can connect to a digital antenna and use the DVR recordings to stream on Fire TV, Echo Show or other devices. This smart display will be sold by Amazon for approximately $230 United States dollars and shipped starting on October 11th, 2018. Amazon's Smart Plug simply, er, plugs into any existing outlet and connects to a Wi-Fi network. This will save you the painstaking step of having to type in your big wifi password whenever you want to connect a new smart switch, for example.

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