Slay Behemoths in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch

Monster Hunter World Squad Beats Extreme Behemoth in Under Five Minutes

Monster Hunter World Squad Beats Extreme Behemoth in Under Five Minutes

Monster Hunter fans may have been disappointed when World skipped the Nintendo Switch, but with the release of Generations Ultimate, the console now has its own hunting adventures. This game, to some, might feel like a step back: maps split into zones, messier quality of life elements, lower-resolution graphics. Of course, it's still primarily a single player experience, and there are so many quests and monsters to sink your teeth into that you'll struggle to get through it all. This is to be expected, given the game is a Nintendo 3DS port being up-resed to the Nintendo Switch, hardly a remake or a remaster so much as a definitive edition.

Village PeopleThis may be less ambitious than February's "Monster Hunter World" but make no mistake, this is the best portable Monster Hunter to date.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a fun and satisfying addition to the Switch's ever-growing library of games.

The only player that might have gripes with this game is, frankly, the Monster Hunter virgin. These quests appear in nearly every Monster Hunter expansion and are some of the most hard you'll ever encounter, nearly always requiring a squad to finish.

But even without playing with any friends, you can enjoy Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate completely with just the single player content. The game includes everything from the original 2015 release as well as new areas and monsters.

Which isn't a bad thing - as our resident Monster Hunter super-fan Alex "pikamus" Andreadis found out.

Frame rate enthusiasts will be upset if they insist on comparing the game to World, for example.

And then, finally, you're a Monster Hunter virgin.

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The port is astonishing, though.

It also means you can read and respond to monster attacks and movesets better, making the whole gameplay loop that little bit more approachable and enjoyable, even to new players.

As many Monster Hunter World fans would likely agree, Capcom's addition of Final Fantasy's Behemoth to the action-RPG has given dedicated players a daunting challenge in defeating the big canine-esque beast.

And is that content worth it, if you've already played Generations?

Brave Old WorldSlaying some of the higher rank beasts is a serious challenge. There isn't really a traditional level up system in Monster Hunter, nor is there really experience - it's about the gear you bring into battle. You can purchase the game on Amazon.

Unfortunately, these are all hangovers of the 3DS era of MonHun games, and for players that cut their teeth on World, this will be really unusual to go back - effectively putting another difficulty hike on an already challenging game.

Speaking of portability, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will let you join other players online for multiplayer hunts, or take your Switch on the go and link up with your friends to tackle massive creatures of destruction from the comfort of your friend's backyard, sitting on the bus, or anywhere you may find yourself. World, being a very different (and much kinder) game, will make for a great jumping in point for the series, but you might not be prepared for how hardcore and unforgiving earlier games can be. Monster Hunter Generations came out on 3DS a while back, so we've already had plenty of time to get into most of this content. And though some of those may be "palette swaps" in design, movesets, behaviour and AI are different for every monster, at every difficulty.

"If you can get over its 3DS-era visuals, you're in for a seemingly endless experience you can easily devote a lifetime to-and one worth devoting a lifetime to". The downside? If you are a completionist like me you'll have to slog through the multiple tutorials for each weapon fighting style - fourteen styles in total. Its graduation from 3DS to Switch is nothing short of mind-blowing.

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