Swiss fans rudely protest against esports during live football match

Swiss football match stopped following protest against Esports

Swiss football match stopped following protest against Esports

Soccer fans in Switzerland held up play by throwing tennis balls and games consoles on the field in an unusual protest against esports on Sunday.

During a match between the Young Boys and Basel - two Swiss football teams - fans disrupted the game with a planned protest.

The incident seems like a fairly extreme protest for what is a minor side investment for soccer clubs.

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Young Boys fans deployed a banner with a "pause" button, after which the Basel fans also unfurled their own banners. Match referee was pressured to interrupt the match for a number of minutes to the stadium had been faraway from the garden of overseas objects. One of which read, "Scheiss E-Sports", which roughly translates to the simple message of "esports are shit", according to Google translate. While Basel does have an E-Sports team, Young Boys Bern has no affiliation with the industry-and it looks like fans want to keep things that way.

Esports are becoming increasingly big business, with many of Europe's top clubs boasting professional teams. Young Boys won 7-1.

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