Synopsis Day 5: Bigg Boss throws a new 'bomb' on the housemates

Anup Jalota’s friend Talat Aziz has spoken in defence of his friend

Anup Jalota’s friend Talat Aziz has spoken in defence of his friend

Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living area and announces the captaincy task. As a part of this, the contestants had to nominate one Jodi and one single contestant to go in the Kaalkothri as a punishment.

Roshmi Banik and Kriti Verma get nominated after convincing Somi Khan and Saba Khan. After much discussion, inmates nominated Roshmi Banik and Kriti Verma from the couples and Dipika Kakar from singles.

The very popular reality show of the small screen, Bigg Boss 12 began with a bang with the introduction of many celebrities and well as jodis on the show by the host Salman Khan on the premiere episode of the show.

For now, the game inside the house is going on in full swing where the contestants are fighting with each other during the task and are entertaining the audience.

Mister Rogers gets animated with Google Doodle honor
It's a handsome day for the legacy of Fred Rogers , one of America's most beloved television personalities. Watch today's Google Doodle video below.

Kriti Verma gets her first rose for the punctuality.

During the task, things will get heated between the celebs and the jodis and Sreesanth will abuse Shivashish. Sreesanth says he was in the character. Anup Jasleen discuses with Jasleen that Dipika Kakkar should win this task.

During the task, there will be some fun moments that the viewers will get to enjoy when Anup will sing Baby Doll song while Kriti and Roshmi will dance. On the other hand, Karanvi Bohra, Nehha Pendse, Srishty Rode and Sreesanth perform on behalf of Dipika Kakar.

In the task bhajan king Anup Jalota will play Rangeela Rajkumar and the selected girls are his queens aka ranis. But the fun element will soon turn into cut throat competition when Deepak and Nirmal will steal Dipika's roses and hide in the washroom. Romil Chaudhary asks his team to give back their roses. Seeing the results of the captaincy task, the contestants have already started plotting on how to annoy the new captain - Kriti and Roshmi. Dipika cries for losing the task because of her mistake.

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