The newest Pokemon on the (literal) block is Meltan

The newest Pokemon on the (literal) block is Meltan

The newest Pokemon on the (literal) block is Meltan

The Pokemon Let's Go games are something of a reset of the original Kanto games, so the introduction of some new creatures and mythologies could do much to make it feel like a distinct entry.

As of this moment, Mythical Meltan is still mysterious. The Internet couldn't decide between the name Nutto and Dittonut - or if it was the game's equivalent of a MissingNo- but now it's got an official name: Meltan. So we're here to compile all the details that we gathered about the new Pokemon Meltan. But this is one of the first tangible glimpses at how the games will interact and connect.

On Saturday, Pokemon Go players discovered a brand new Pokemon species shortly after the monthly Community Day event ended.

Or is this is the start of a whole new generation of Pokemon? What made the appearance of this new creature all the more freakish was the fact that it would transform into a Ditto whenever players tried to capture it. This Pokemon is called Meltan, and as of now, it is quite the enigma.

"In an announcement earlier today, The Pokemon Company has revealed that Meltan is categorized as a Hex Nut Pokemon, Steel-type Pokemon with a height of 0'08" and weighing 17.6 lbs.

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Similar to Unown, Meltan is a genderless Pokemon. Its arms and legs can corrode metal and it can generate electricity from the metal it absorbs from outside sources.

The Pokemon Company also partnered with Niantic to create a short video showing a conversation between Professor Oak from the main Pokemon series and Professor Willow from Pokemon Go.

Last weekend's mystery Pokemon has been officially introduced as the Mythical Pokemon Meltan.

According to a new post on the website for the upcoming Pokemon: Let's Go games, Meltan is a "Hex Nut Pokemon", a Steel-type, and weighs almost 18 pounds despite standing just a few inches tall.

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