Tillis delivers opening statement at Supreme Court Hearing

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Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of IL asked Kavanaugh if he would seek a delay in his hearing so the paper trail could be vetted. He was interrupted by Sen.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) accused Democrats of trying to conduct the hearing by "mob rule". When she paused, Sen.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) called the hearing a "charade" and "a mockery of our norms".

Even as Grassley spoke, multiple protesters spoke out and were escorted from the room. They'd been inveighed to do so by Chuck Schumer.

The wide-ranging testimony underscored the potential for Kavanaugh's nomination to shape the supreme court and the decisions before it for decades to come.

That's how the Democrats won the right to abortion and same-sex marriage at a time when the justices' opinions were crosswise with lawmakers. Democrats know that the only thing that can stop them is a constitutionally conservative court.

Democrats have raised concerns that if the special counsel investigation were to make its way to the supreme court, Kavanaugh could not be impartial toward the president who appointed him.

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"I have no agenda in any direction", Kavanaugh told Durbin. A nice, bipartisan touch. So because there was no Supreme Court precedent on the question specifically pertaining to illegal immigrants, he consulted the closest analogue available, which were the Supreme Court's past rulings on parental consent generally.

"Precedent's not like a cafeteria" where he could pick and choose what to follow, Kavanaugh stressed. I understand the importance that people attach to the Roe V. Wade decision, to the planned Parenthood versus Casey decision. In contrast to Ginsburg in 1993, though, he stopped short of giving his own views on abortion.

Addressing some of those concerns, Kavanaugh said that "the first thing that makes a good judge is independence, not being swayed by political or public pressure", He cited historic court cases including Brown v. Board of Education that desegregated schools and US v. Nixon that compelled the president to turn over the Watergate tapes - a ruling that Kavanaugh had previously questioned.

But handguns and other semi-automatic weapons are also used for hunting and self-defence, he added.

He condemned the spate of U.S. school shootings, but defended an opinion he wrote questioning whether semi-automatic rifles could be banned. He again ducked the policy question. Moreover, he didn't say if he agreed with Supreme Court precedent on the issue.

This doesn't mean the Democrats are done with demagoguery. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse implied that the Federalist Society and rich conservatives had a finger on the scale of the nomination process. "With all they contain and all they may reveal, they hold for many Americans 'the privacies of life.'" To protect this privacy, the Court concluded that its "answer to the question of what police must do before searching a cell phone seized incident to an arrest is accordingly simple - get a warrant". "I stay out of commenting on current events", the judge explained. George Washington himself, Kavanaugh noted, once asked the Supreme Court for advice about a British brig we'd seized. He added that the goal of the Texas judicial bypass statute was not germane to the question before the court at the time. That's because what the Constitution empowers the court to decide is actual cases or controversies.

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