Zimbabwe police ban public gatherings in capital to contain cholera outbreak

Public gatherings food vending in Hre banned

Public gatherings food vending in Hre banned

"The newly-elected government must learn from its predecessor's mistakes and take action that stops people dying from preventable diseases", said Amnesty's Jessica Pwiti.

3d illustration of cholera pathogens.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi also urged members of the public to co-operate with law enforcement agents and other stakeholders as the police try to bring sanity in the affected suburbs and the CBD to curtail the spread of cholera.

UNICEF said it was assisting Zimbabwe's government to deploy more resources to affected areas to combat the present outbreak.

This was said by global rights group Amnesty International as the death toll from the latest cholera outbreak reached 21 countrywide. In addition to such measures and efforts to improve water and sanitation, the government is assessing the benefits of conducting an oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaign and World Health Organization is deploying an expert in OCV campaigns to Harare.

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Cholera is a bacterial disease caused by fecal bacteria Vibrio cholerae. Poor sanitation and hygiene is responsible for its spread.

The cholera outbreak highlights the failure of Zimbabwe's government to maintain basic public health standards, said Amnesty International. The disease is more common in developing nations and those that are densely populated and economically backward.

"The current cholera epidemic is a bad outcome of Zimbabwe's failure to invest in and manage both its basic water and sanitation infrastructure and its health care system", said Jessica Pwiti, Executive Director of Amnesty International Zimbabwe, in a statement released Wednesday. Forty-seven African countries adopted the Regional Framework for the Implementation of the Global Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control at the 68th session of WHO's Regional Committee for Africa.

"It's more than just an emergency it is a national disaster", he said. "We have the knowhow and today countries have shown that they have the will to do whatever it takes to end cholera outbreaks by 2030".

The cholera outbreak, first detected in the township of Glen View outside Harare on September 5, has prompted the health ministry to declare an emergency in the capital.

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