Chief Justice Roberts stresses 'independence from the political branches'

Chief Justice Roberts

Chief Justice Roberts

More than 1,300 people have confirmed they will attend a public hexing of newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"It is like having a new in-law at Thanksgiving dinner".

Kavanaugh wrote the op-ed after a contentious confirmation hearing where he denied an a sexual assault allegation and complained of "an orchestrated political hit".

In a speech at the University of Minnesota, Roberts said he wasn't there to criticize Congress or the executive branch.

But ahead of an interview with University of Minnesota law professor Robert Stein, the chief justice addressed what he called "the contentious events in Washington of recent weeks". But he said he wanted to stress how the judicial branch "must be very different" from the "political branches" elected by the people.

"Without independence, there is no Brown v. Board of Education". He cited the example of the Korematsu case, which upheld the internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II.

Roberts also stressed the value of the court's tradition of collegiality.

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"There aren't many jobs where everybody is doing exactly the same thing". It appealed the injunction to the 9th Circuit, which heard arguments in the case on May 15 but has not yet issued a ruling. "And that does cause a real bond to develop".

Roberts said he aimed to "make a particular point accessible".

He speculated that easy online access to past cases has made disagreements among the lower courts increasingly rare.

"The time is overdue for a seriously considered plan of action by those of us who believe that McConnell Republicans, abetted by and abetting the Trump Movement, have prioritized the expansion of their own power over the safeguarding of American democracy and the protection of the most vulnerable among us", Tribe said. "I didn't like it, but I thought, and as my colleagues did, that was the right answer". In response to one student following up on Roberts' earlier statement about not speaking for the people, Roberts clarified that he meant that the court's role is to support viewpoints not necessarily held by the majority. Roberts said his bigger concern is ignorance about the court's role as an equal branch of government.

He says there have been times when the Supreme Court erred greatly, but that when it did so, it was because the court yielded to political pressures. And of course it's not that at all. "We need to know at each step that we are in this together".

He tries not to read commentary about the court's work, unless it's something "thoughtful" from the legal community. They are not lawyers. "And I would like somebody in that position to understand what their Supreme Court has done". There were no protests or disruptions.

ROBERTS: Before we go onto the bench to hear argument in a case and before we go into the conference room to discuss a case, we pause for a moment and shake each other's hand.

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