Hawking in Posthumous Book Says Superhumans Will Take Over

Hawking ordinary humans won’t be able to compete

Hawking ordinary humans won’t be able to compete

Many scientists welcomed Hawking's predictions as a means of saving Earth from destruction.

The scientist believed that in the near future, rich people will be able to modify their DNA and their children, improving memory, intelligence, immunity and longevity.

He predicted that even if laws were passed to kerb genetic engineering there would always be people prepared to break any rules which would spark the rise of superhumans. They will become the superior race, and ordinary humanity is doomed to extinction, writes CA-news.

We will remind, the last published work of Stephen Hawking. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate.

"I am confident that during this century, people will discover the opportunity to modify how their intellectual abilities and instincts, e.g. aggression".

The world-renowned physicist feared that human DNA could be manipulated and bring about a race of incredible superhumans, it can be revealed.

Hawking was forever being asked the same things and started work on Brief Answers to the Big Questions previous year - but did not finish it before he died in March, aged 76.

Hawking's predictions stem from gene-editing technology that already exists.

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In the early stages of these daunting capabilities - enabled by gene-editing technologies like CRISPR - Hawking suggests genetic changes "will be confined to the fix of genetic defects".

'The present world order has a future but it will be a very different one'.

Her brother Timothy, who also attended the launch, said that while reading the new book he could hear his father's voice "leaping off the page". "There is no time to wait for Darwinian evolution to make us more intelligent and better natured".

"We can not know if we will be infinitely helped by AI or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it", he said.

'No and yes. In principal the laws allow us to predict the future but in practice it is too hard'.

Hawking warned that education and science are "in danger now more than ever before".

"AI could develop a will of its own, a will that is in conflict with ours and which could destroy us".

"We need to employ effective management in all areas of its development", he said. "It is an exciting, if precarious place to be and you are the pioneers", he told the audience of researchers and technologists.

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