Justin Bieber Can Eat A Burrito

Justin Bieber Can Eat A Burrito

Justin Bieber Can Eat A Burrito

When a picture of Justin Bieber biting into the side of a burrito was posted to Reddit last week, it didn't take long for it to rise to the top and spark an global debate about the proper way to eat a burrito. In a video shared yesterday (October 28), they took the opportunity to say "Gotcha!" and then took viewers behind-the-scenes of the viral sensation. The picture looks fine until you observe it closely and realize Justin was indeed having a burrito differently.

The pranksters hired Bieber-lookalike, Brad Sousa to star as the Canadian singer, and to prank millions of confused fans. In an attempt to prove how easy it is to make fake stories blow up, the Yes Theory crew cooked up a number of potential scenarios involving the fake Bieber, ultimately landing on the sideways burrito scandal.

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"I had so many people hitting me, saying, 'Why is your boy eating a burrito like this?' " says Braun.

A video production group called Yes Theory posted a video to YouTube Sunday showing how they pulled it off. It happened so, that the actor was papped sitting on a bench eating a burrito, and people on Twitter went berserk over his way eating the food item.

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