Kangaroo meat served to Nebraska school students, superintendent says

UPDATE: Cook who served Nebraska students kangaroo meat fired, district says

UPDATE: Cook who served Nebraska students kangaroo meat fired, district says

A school cook in Nebraska was sacked this week after secretly serving kangaroo meat mixed into beef chili at Potter-Dix Public Schools, according to a report.

A mother later posted on Facebook that some of the students had gotten ill from the kangaroo meat.

Mr Williams said he did not believe kangaroo meat was unhealthy or unsafe, but emphasised the fact it was not a normal staple of the school community's diet.

A school chef was sacked after he added kangaroo meat to school lunches, according to the Associated Press.

They also said that it would have been approved by USDA inspectors - but Williams assured parents it will not be served again.

Williams said in a letter to parents on Wednesday that Frei told him he'd augmented the chilli's beef on October 10 with kangaroo meat because it is lean and nutritious.

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Potter-Dix Schools are near Interstate 80 west of Sidney.

Kevin Frei was sacked as head cook in the Potter-Dix Public Schools after serving the exotic meat and several children reported feeling ill, KSID radio reported. One online provider lists a pound of ground kangaroo meat for $15.

But Williams added that the unusual meal is "without a doubt not a normal staple of our diet" and will not be included on the school menu in future.

'On behalf of the Potter-Dix Public Schools, I apologize for the anxiety and any harm that this has caused individual students and/or families, ' Williams wrote.

"We will make sure that something like this never occurs again", Williams wrote.

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