Payton Summons: Girl at centre of life support battle in Texas dies

A 9-year-old Texas girl who was on life support and at the center of a dispute over her care has died, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reports.

Payton Summons was declared brain dead, but her parents want to keep her on life support. Payton Summons' heart stopped beating around 8:30 p.m. Friday, according to her family's attorney Justin Moore.

The Summons family believed their daughter could recover and had been through a series of court battles with the hospital over the care of their daughter. Summons was not removed from life support.

She was staying with her grandmother when she woke up and said that she could not breathe.

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The Texas 2nd Court of Appeals on Friday afternoon had upheld a Monday court order allowing her parents to keep her on life support at Cook until Monday.

The hospital's doctors had declared the child brain-dead and beyond hope of recovery after her heart went into cardiac arrest for an hour on September 25.

The hospital opposed the ruling, arguing that Summons "suffered a complete, irreversible destruction of her entire brain, including her brain stem".

However, only two out of more than 20 institutions contacted said they might take her - "and those were preconditioned on certain things which may be life threatening to Payton if performed", another lawyer for the family, Paul Stafford, told CNN.

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