This human-like robot can now perform parkour

Atlas parkour

Atlas parkour

A couple of years ago when Boston Dynamics unveiled a new generation of Atlas robot, it was capable of strolling in the woods, balancing on one leg and do a backflip.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot learned a new trick to surpass its human creators: parkour. It's a quick trip to the uncanny valley but it's one that we really have to take.

In the video below, you can see Atlas breaking another milestone by effortlessly jumping over obstacles and then hopping onto some boxes with such ease it's a little unsettling to watch. The statement says, "computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately." .

Below is another Video of Atlas from early 2016.

It's not all Atlas can do. "Atlas keeps its balance when jostled or pushed and can get up if it tips over".

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In November 2017, Boston Dynamics shared a video of a dog-like robot washing dishes.

The company's doglike SpotMini robot and "legs & wheels" Handle have been featured in other videos, some of which have quickly gone viral due to their seemingly shocking or frightening capabilities. They will be for sale in 2019.

The company's co-founder and president Marc Raibert said robots were the next technological revolution after the internet, according to CNET.

Don't try to run, the robots will be able to find you. "That's a bigger idea".

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