Trump names DC lawyer new White House counsel

A fanfic painting of Trump with other presidents is hanging in the White House

A fanfic painting of Trump with other presidents is hanging in the White House

During their stroll through the White House, cameras caught a glimpse of a painting hanging on an office wall showing Trump having a beverage with several dead Republican presidents.

Despite the fact that the painting is part of a series of paintings by the artist dating back a decade, Twitter had a field day when it was spotted by many social media users after 60 Minutes aired an interview with Trump on Sunday. This is in line with Trump famously saying that he doesn't drink alcohol. In the newest version now in the White House, he added Trump and made it look like a bar scene. "Honest" Abe Lincoln appears to have water, Reagan has a gaudy cocktail, the others have various beverages.

"I work very had on the presidents' likenesses ... there's no satire", said Thomas, who cited Norman Rockwell as one of his influences.

In this newest gathering, Trump is in the middle of the picture.

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McGahn previously threatened to resign from his position in June of previous year, with sources telling CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett at the time that the threat was communicated to senior staff, and was not a direct response to Mr. Trump's talk of firing Mueller.

"It's really Donald Trump all over. I like that - be yourself", Thomas said.

Andy Thomas' painting depicts Trump sitting around a table with his BFFs: Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, the Bushes, Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, and... Trump at centre stagewears a gleaming white shirt and his signature red tie.

President Trump had tweeted in August that McGahn would leave after Kavanaugh had been confirmed. It was not only his take on foreign relations and internal affairs that garnered viewers' attention, however: at some point during the interview, CBS's cameras captured a gaudy painting hanging in a room in the White House that is now doing the rounds online. Both the original pair and the updated works feature a woman in the background walking towards the table, which descriptions of the paintings hint symbolize a future female president.

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