Amazon Web Services reveals a managed Kafka service for streaming data

Amazon to sell medical software

Amazon to sell medical software

As explained on the company's website, Comprehend Medical can help in assisting the health care providers, insurers and researchers along with the health care IT and also to help the pharmaceutical companies to in improving the clinical decision support, streamline revenue cycle and provide improved address data privacy and protected health information requirements. It will help them better "read" data and identify information such as patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages or symptoms.

Unstructured medical data, of course, includes free-form but clinically significant information such as doctors' notes and prescriptions, audio transcripts and radiology reports.

Through the new natural language processing service, Amazon is taking a crack at solving a problem that has long burdened healthcare: how to mine actionable insights from messy, inconsistent information, the most common form of patient data. The center used Amazon Comprehend Medical to evaluate millions of clinical notes in order to extract and index medical conditions, medications, and cancer therapeutic options.

AWS presaged the launch of the new service earlier this month when it announced that its Amazon Comprehend, along with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate, were HIPAA eligible services.

The move is also another development from the world's leading cloud computing company that will directly impact a smaller tech company built around an open-source project. You can imagine the ML use cases. Yet shares of UnitedHealth Group, which highlighted its machine learning platform platform at an investor day yesterday, are trading near a record high.

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"Curing cancer is, inherently, an issue of time", said Matthew Trunnell, Chief Information Officer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. "The process of developing clinical trials and connecting them with the right patients requires research teams to sift through and label mountains of unstructured medical record data".

As such, Amazon Comprehend Medical's proposition to healthcare stakeholders relies not only on its technological backbone but the promise of a simpler, more cost-efficient path toward that data.

The ability to dig into the vast treasure trove of unstructured medical data gives Amazon an edge with identifying subtle patterns in individual outcomes as well as population health, both of which can help to create personalized experiences while lowering costs.

"Comprehend Medical can identify medical conditions, anatomic terms, medications, details of medical tests, treatments and procedures", said Kass-Hout and Wood.

Medical care search company Zocdoc is using AWS machine learning services in the healthcare sector.

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