Android Will Soon Allow In-App Updates

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Google announced today that their Android Files Go storage app is being rebranded to the new name of Files by Google and that in less than a year, they have 30 million monthly users all over the world.

Developers can choose which approach is more suitable, depending on how urgent it is that users should update.

According to the example provided by Google, the first one - called "immediate in-app update" - will also have an on-screen pop up, letting you know that an update is available. That option is recommended to be used for important updates that need to be installed immediately - critical security patches, bug fixes and the like. The API provides a couple of options to Android developers to push latest updates to their apps. Well, despite the announcement, there's no exact time given by Google as to when we will see the API working on Android devices.

For those unfamiliar with this app, Files by Google allows Android users to free up space on their mobile devices by storing it in the cloud using Google Drive.

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The other option is what Google is calling a flexible update.

Android will offer developers "screen continuity" so that when users start a video on the small screen, it seamlessly transfers to the larger screen as it's unfolded.

The latest Android Developers blog celebrates ten-years of Android and includes the introduction of the just announced support for foldable displays. Google has introduced new tools and features at Android Developer Summit.

Google also rolled out Instant discovery that allows to easily adopt the new kind of apps.

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