Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

Argentine military sub San Juan missing for 1 year found deep in Atlantic military confirms

Argentine military sub San Juan missing for 1 year found deep in Atlantic military confirms

ARA SAN JUAN: The Argentina submarine went missing nearly exactly one year ago (Pic: REUTERS) "The dark image shows a pile of broken up debris around 60 metres long".

Argentina's navy has now confirmed the wreckage of the submarine has been finally be found after 366 days of searching.

Ocean Infinity has reportedly committed to receiving payment from Argentina only if ARA San Juan is found.

The San Juan was some 430 km (270 miles) off Argentina's Patagonian coast when it sent its last signal.

Macri promised a full investigation after the submarine was lost. Crew members reported it had recovered from a mechanical failure after seawater entered its snorkel - which fed air into the sub from above the ocean's surface - and they were ordered back to base at Mar del Plata.

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The navy had earlier shared a picture from the seabed, suggesting a 60m-long object might be the missing submarine.

According to naval commander Gabriel Galeazzi, the submarine surfaced and reported what was described as a "short circuit" in the vessel's batteries.

The San Juan had a seven-day supply of air when it last reported its position on November 15, 2017. The navy said the blast could have been caused by a "concentration of hydrogen" triggered by the battery problem reported by the captain.

Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters past year that water had entered the submarine's snorkel, which can be used to take in air from above the surface when the submarine is submerged.

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