Brexit: Theresa May survives but remains a wounded leader



Both Mrs May's draft Brexit deal and leadership of the country have been left in a perilous position this weekend, following a fierce backlash against the agreement she has struck with the EU.

As British Prime Minister Theresa May fights to save her Brexit deal, former U.K. Parliament Member John Browne said embarking on a "hard Brexit" is suitable.

The consequences of a no-deal, hard Brexit would be felt by companies and workers in Britain and across Europe, Kempf added.

She is committed to Brexit and very popular with the public, and is seen as a bit of fresh air in the otherwise stale Conservative Party.

"If those letters were to go in, I think that she would win any such vote decisively, and she'd deserve to do so", Lidington said in a broadcast clip.

The deal prompted the start of a tumultuous few days for Mrs May, with two senior ministers and several other junior ministers and aides resigning.

Ms Rudd said she was "delighted" to be given the role, and saw it as her job to "try to iron out" the issues with Universal Credit.

More than 20 MPs have publicly admitted to submitting letters of no confidence in May this week, while reports have suggested a further 15 have been submitted in private, with a total of 48 letters required to trigger the vote.

"You're absolutely right that for a lot of people who voted "Leave", what they wanted to do was make sure that decisions on things like who can come into this country would be taken by us here in the United Kingdom, and not by Brussels, and that's exactly what the deal I've negotiated delivers", she said.

Michael Obafemi commits to Republic of Ireland
A group of Northern Ireland politicians are meeting with the Taoiseach in Dublin to discuss the draft Brexit deal. He's obviously got work to do. "I spoke to him and he's really happy".

Mr. Gove was a leading figure in the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 Brexit referendum, and Mr. Fox is a long-time Eurosceptic. More than two years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, it is still unclear how, on what terms or even if it will leave the European Union as planned on March 29, 2019. Right now she's stuck between Brexiteers in her party and the European Union, which doesn't seem in the mood to go back to the bargaining table.

If May stayed on in power without a divorce deal that could be approved, the ultimate outcome of Brexit would be uncertain. Mr. Barclay, who supported Vote Leave in the 2016 referendum, is expected to focus on domestic preparations for the U.K.'s departure from the European Union and not negotiations.

Mundell said he has reservations about the draft deal but other alternatives were "even more unpalatable".

Rees-Mogg called for May to be replaced by a more firmly pro-Brexit politician, naming ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, former Brexit Secretary David Davis and Raab as potential successors.

May has struggled politically since June, 2017, when she managed to lose her party's majority in parliament by calling an election that was not necessary.

Party chairman Brandon Lewis said the Prime Minister is "prepared for anything", when asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme if she was prepared for a leadership challenge.

Mr Raab said if a deal could not be closed "on reasonable terms" the government should "walk away" and tell the country it would not be "blackmailed or bullied" by the EU.

"We need to be honest about that". But that's not what Sarah Mayall, holding aloft a white placard reading "Leave Means Leave", says she wanted in 2016 when she ticked the box to leave the EU.

May then faced a hostile three-hour session in the House of Commons, during which there was open revolt from her own party and the DUP as well as all opposition parties.

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