Budget announcement includes pledge to focus on mental health services

NHS services have been singled out for a £2 billion funding boost in the budget

NHS services have been singled out for a £2 billion funding boost in the budget

This will include a minimum of £2bn per yer for mental health services, £700m for councils and care for the elderly and those with disabilities, £10m for air ambulances and a 24-hou mental health crisis hotline.

Sandra Gidley, chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's English Pharmacy Board, said that with additional NHS funding already announced, the government must now set out how the money will be allocated as part of the NHS long-term plan. This is a welcome step, and it will be important to build the evidence about what works most effectively to make best use of the funds being made available.

Camden Council is proud to provide essential services that support our communities.

"The extra £650m to support social care is obviously welcome, but in reality it is just a drop in the ocean compared to what has been pledged for NHS care and to what is needed for social care", Mike said.

While extra support for mental health crisis services has been widely welcomed, Richard Coe, project director at Kajima Partnerships, drew attention to the need for "an integrated system of rehabilitation and recovery supported by modern, community-centred buildings, with hospitals no longer viewed merely as standalone treatment centres but as part of the wider community".

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The pledge to invest in more tailored employment support for people with mental health difficulties is also very welcome.

Paramedics alongside mental health workers are some of the first to be provided with body cameras in order to reduce the violence.

"Therefore, we hope that the closer working links between the NHS, police and the CPS described by the Secretary of State today will help directly address this situation, ideally with the Ministry of Justice directing courts to be much tougher when sentencing those found guilty of assaulting and threatening our staff, prosecuting those people to the full extent of the law and actually imposing custodial sentences upon them". Worldwide research shows that with effective help and support, many more people with mental health difficulties can get and keep employment.

"There are many pressing demands on NHS funding, but few more pressing than the needs of those who suffer from mental illness", Hammond said. "And yet still only a fraction of total NHS spending will be directed towards mental health, undermining the Government's ambition to put mental health on equal footing with physical health", he said. To bring that about we need to see radical changes to the way government prioritises mental health and the ways in which public services of all kinds relate to people with mental health difficulties. I have seen some harrowing examples myself.

"With mental health having long taken the backseat, there is a lot of catching up to do if we are to improve the provision of these vital services".

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