Defense Secretary Mattis plans to visit U.S.-Mexico border

Rodrigo Abd  AP

Rodrigo Abd AP

"A lot of people are angry", said Ruano, 46, who lives in the Playa de Tijuana neighborhood where the group of migrants are staying.

US military and border protection agents have extended razor wire and erected barricades at the point of entry near San Diego, California, as the first groups of migrants arrived at the US-Mexico border.

As far as costs of the deployment, Mattis said he would update reporters as they become known.

Speaking to The Guardian, Morán and his girlfriend Victoria, 19, said they had left the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa to escape poverty and gang violence.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii has condemned President Donald Trump's deployment of thousands of US troops to the southern border as a "scandal", accusing the USA leader of forcing troops to miss Thanksgiving with their families for no good reason.

Numerous smaller group are LGBTIQ, media reported, who say they parted ways with the main caravan after weeks of what they call discriminatory treatment by local residents and fellow travellers.

CBP officials told reporters late October that there were at least two large migrant caravans headed to the USA - one consisting of approximately 3,500 migrants and another consisting of approximately 3,000 migrants.

Because the route poses a host of dangers, such as attack by criminal gangs, numerous migrants say they feel safer travelling in numbers.

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To deal with the perceived threat the U.S. has deployed 5,200 troops to help more than 2,000 National Guardsmen thwart what Donald Trump has described as an impending migrant "invasion".

What is the U.S. doing about it?

Some northbound lanes at San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry will close starting Tuesday as equipment is installed in preparation for the migrant caravan arrival at the U.S. -Mexico border, KTLA sister station KSWB reported.

President Donald Trump has taken a firm stance against the caravan, which began its journey north on October 13 and briefly clashed with security forces in southern Mexico early on its route.

There is a legal obligation to hear asylum claims from migrants who have arrived in the U.S. if they say they fear violence in their home countries.

On Friday, Trump signed a decree that effectively suspended the granting of asylum for those who cross the border illegally, a move that could drastically slow claims at gates of entry.

The caravans became a campaign issue in the U.S. mid-term elections that took place in last week, with Mr Trump warning without evidence they were full of "gang members", "hardened criminals" and even Middle Eastern "terrorists".

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