Donald Trump's lawyers submit answers to Robert Mueller

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos

Addressing the court during his sentencing hearing in September 2018, Papadopoulos admitted that he "lied to the FBI" and said that "was wrong, it was a crime", Mr. Mueller recalled in the special counsel's latest filing.

"The defendant received what he bargained for, and holding him to it is not a hardship", prosecutors wrote Wednesday.

After receiving a 14 day prison sentence by the Justice Department, George Papadopoulos reinvented himself as a Trumpist media celebrity.

Papadopoulos is not a party to the pending appeals case, and his time to challenge the D.C. court's ruling expired almost two months ago, Mr. Mueller wrote Wednesday. Papadopoulos' motion citing the District of Columiba case was made just days before the scheduled start to his brief prison stay. "If I knew what I knew today, I would have never plead guilty".

Prosecutors had asked Moss to sentence Papadopoulos to as much as six months in prison for lying to federal agents about key details involving his interactions with a London-based professor and two Russian nationals.

"He said that his parents raised him 'with the principles of honesty and respect for the law, ' and when he lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he 'cast aside those principles and compromised the person who, '" prosecutors reminded the judge.

Papadopoulos closed by saying he had been "grateful for the opportunity [he] was given to assist in this investigation" and that he had "nothing but respect for the Court and the legal process", Mr. Mueller wrote Wednesday. He did not say why he waited to mount the challenge in court.

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Those actions "appear to be inconsistent with his stated acceptance of responsibility at sentencing", Mueller's lawyers said in their court filing.

An appeals court in Washington heard oral arguments earlier this month in the constitutional challenge, which was made by a former aide to Trump adviser Roger Stone who is fighting a subpoena to appear before the grand jury.

These antics, while amusing to those following the Russian Federation saga, have irked Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

To date, Miller's argument has not carried the day.

The motion for an order continuing Papadopolous's bail was submitted on November 16 pending the outcome of an appeal challenging the constitutionality of the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Prosecutors also note that Papadopoulos has failed to established "that he would be able to surmount the procedural hurdles of his guilty plea, his plea-agreement waivers, and his failure to raise the issues in a timely manner, as would be needed to show that the issue is likely to result in reversal".

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