Faithful dog waits for 80 days by Chinese road where owner died

A dog in China is waiting at the spot his owner reportedly died in an accident. Pic Pear Video

A dog in China is waiting at the spot his owner reportedly died in an accident. Pic Pear Video

Every day since its owner's death on August 21, the loyal dog in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia would show up at the same spot where its owner was hit, awaiting for her return.

A faithful dog has been waiting for more than 80 days by a busy Chinese highway after its owner died there.

Other social media users were quick to compare the pet to Japan's famous Hachiko, the Akita dog that waited for its dead owner for more than nine years outside a train station in 1920s Tokyo.

'Sometimes dogs are more faithful than humans, really, ' read one comment on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

The dog has been sitting on the road where its owner met with a auto accident.

The dog tends to run away from people, even those trying to help it. However, it always returns to the same spot, the taxi driver told news agency China News.

But with the onset of winter in Inner Mongolia, some netizens are concerned about the dog's well-being.

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"It is so risky for that doggy to stand in the middle of the road".

It is unclear how the dog's owner died.

Volunteers have reportedly been reaching out to the owner's family and friends in the hope of finding a home for the dog.

"Every day it's in the road, I always see it. My family used to have a dog and every day it would wait for me by the village school", one user wrote on Sina Weibo, the BBC reported. The loyal dog died a decade later on a street in the Shibuya area, where his owner once lived.

In 2015, a miniature schnauzer in Iowa walked 20 blocks to a hospital to find its owner, who was hospitalised for two weeks after surgery.

Since the accident, the canine has been waiting for its owner every day, according to a news platform in China, Pear Video.

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