Fallout 76 File Size and Day-One Patch Is Huge

The Fallout 76 Stash is Part of the CAMP System

The Fallout 76 Stash is Part of the CAMP System

That said, an early Fallout 76 release confirms what Bethesda has been hinting at, you will need PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) to play the game. Bethesda has taken steps to address a few concerns, like releasing a massive update during the beta stage.

Many of these fixes are geared towards PC players, particularly the ultra-wide support and push-to-talk. Fallout 76's frame rate was locked to 63fps on PC in a recent patch, as well as locking the ability to tweak FOV and frame rate. While the Stash size at 400 weight limit can get easier to deal with over time, we do plan on increasing it in the future. Currently, voice chat is on by default, whereas players have asked for an opt-in system that Bethesda has confirmed they will be adding in the near future.

While we aim to create a consistent experience no matter what platform you're on, we understand that some of you on PC would like the option for Push-to-Talk. We only wish we could have seen what it looked like from the other side, flying in fast towards a player.

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Issues with social menu and inviting friends/making teams/etc. Bethesda acknowledges that having a slider often interferes with the games' animations and hasn't supported them in any of its previous titles. "The stories you've been sharing, the feedback you've provided, and the issues you've made us aware of have been appreciated along this journey".

With Bethesda's latest RPG just days away from launch, the Fallout 76 file size and day-one patch has been revealed. This issue has been addressed and will be in a future update so no more hungry dwellers.

Fallout 76 is set to be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14.

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