Fortnite Racks Up Another 8.3 Million Concurrent Player Count

Editing in Fortnite on console could be so much easier with one simple fix

Editing in Fortnite on console could be so much easier with one simple fix

Epic Games has taken the gaming world by surprise by announcing that its hugely popular Fortnite game now has over 8.3 million concurrent players. That is a phenomenal number. A massive number extremely few games ever hope to reach.

Are you one of the 8.3 million active players? At that time, it caused some serious server problems for Epic - it seems that the developer's invested in some backup tech since then. Image courtesy of Dot Esports.

Fortnite released in South Korea this week, that has skyrocketed the numbers. PC Bang, a huge internet cafe chain in South Korea can now be found in Paradise Palms.

We all know that Epic's Fortnite is unfathomably popular.

Although over 100 million users have been reported to download the game in a single month, August 2018 had the most people actually playing the game, at the time.

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Bottom line: Fortnite Battle Royale entered a new market this week and the influx of new players is being immediately felt.

The game's popularity has soared over the a year ago and the move to partner with the National Football League is only generating more buzz around the game.

Xbox One players will soon have the ability to use a keyboard and mouse to play Fortnite and other titles.

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