Future of Mass Effect Teased As Casey Hudson Sips Some Coffee



Mass Effect Andromeda could have been one of the best RPGs ever, but sadly the game never realizes its full potential.

While it's not exactly a reveal or any sort of official confirmation that BioWare is even working on a new Mass Effect game, it's at least something, and heartening to hear that the Canadian developer is now formulating new ideas for its sci-fi RPG saga.

Even though I'd rather a new Mass Effect game, or at least some Andromeda DLC, it's nice to see that N7 is alive and well in the BioWare studio.

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With the Mass Effect series on hold until further notice, BioWare has teased that the studio is apparently mulling what's next for the series following yesterday's N7 Day celebrations, which saw an Xbox One X Enhanced patch rolling out for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Does the update significantly improve your experience? What does it mean???

For reference, Mass Effect Andromeda runs at 1800p resolution through checkerboard rendering on PlayStation 4 Pro hardware.

It sure does seem like Hudson's lingering look at the camera is a meaningful wink to fans, letting them know that the Mass Effect series hasn't been killed off in a boardroom somewhere. Would BioWare maintain the course set by the fourth game, which spins off from the original trilogy and takes place in a whole new galaxy, or would that game's rough reception lead to a whole new course? Will we see the return of Commander Shepard after he's been reconstructed again like the beginning of Mass Effect 2? In the meantime, fans might just have to watch BioWare communications for secret messages.

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