Google ARCore update reveals codename of possible upcoming Pixel handset

ARCore APK teardown reveals Google working on two mid-range phones

ARCore APK teardown reveals Google working on two mid-range phones

Google only recently launched the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, however the company could have two additional phones in the works if hints in an APK teardown are anything to go by.

The Bonito device appeared on GFXBench last month showcasing Snapdragon 710 processor and corroborating previous rumours. However, it was unexpectedly found alongside another codename: Sargo. However, Google has not shared any details regarding the mid-range Pixel phones yet and we would recommend taking the report with a grain of salt.

The discovery was made in the latest version of Google's ARCore application. As is typically the case, it wasn't accompanied by any information about the device. According to Wikipedia, Sargo is the name for a white seabream and Bonito is described as "a tribe of medium-sized, ray-finned predatory fish in the family Scombridae". Google usually assigns fish-themed codenames to its smartphones, and Sargo is indeed a type of fish.

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The teardown, performed by Android Police, specifically reveals the names of two specific unannounced Google handsets, 'Bonito,' the codename of a rumoured unannounced midrange Pixel phone, and "Sargo" a completely new handset.

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The first traces of a mid-range Pixel smartphone date back to June this year, when a Snapdragon 710-powered device going by the codename Bonito was spotted.

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