Google starts offering manual backup option for Android smartphones

Android phones automatically backup to Drive when the phone is plugged into the charger and connected to Wi-Fi, so If these conditions are never met, chances are your data isnt being backed up.

Every device we tested internally also seems to have received the ability to do a manual Android backup. Because of this, if a handset lost its ability to charge or could not connect to the Wi-Fi, users were unable to back their data up on Google Drive.

Having an option to trigger a manual backup of your device in its current state will of course make it much easier to switch phones with the latest backup containing all your important data.

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Notably, a "sync now" option is available for other data categories under the Accounts section - this is available via Settings Accounts Google. The feature can be found in the Settings app on compatible phones, under a Backup menu (hint: search "backup" in Settings and you'll find it). Until recently, that wasn't possible on Android, however, it appears Google is now supporting the option, though it's unclear which devices or versions will ultimately get the feature.

According to the reader, he saw the “Back up now” button in his Pixel 2, but also saw it on some older devices including a Droid Turbo running Android Marshmallow. Right now, it appears that Google has rolled out the feature via a Google Play services update.

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