Indonesia jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last four flights

An official from Indonesia's transportation safety agency examines a turbine engine from the crashed Lion Air plane

An official from Indonesia's transportation safety agency examines a turbine engine from the crashed Lion Air plane

Relatives of the victims confronted Lion Air co-founder Rusdi Kirana at a meeting organized by officials on Monday.

The damage was revealed after data had been downloaded from the plane's flight data recorder, KNKT chief Soerjanto Tjahjono told reporters, adding that it was asking Boeing and United States authorities what action to take to prevent similar problems on this type of plane around the world.

While search teams scouring the waters managed to bring up the flight data recorder, a separate recorder that captures cockpit conversations and background noise is still buried in the seabed where the plane plunged.

Lion Air flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea on October 29 killing all 189 on-board. All 189 passengers and crew are feared to have died when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff on October 29.

At least 105 body bags containing parts of passengers have been handed to the national police hospital in Jakarta for identification.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, chief of the NTSC, told media yesterday that "we have said there's a technical problem but we also want to know what they were discussing in the cockpit and what they were doing".

While victims' relatives are desperate to know what happened, the first crash of a Boeing 737 MAX is also the focus of scrutiny by the global aviation industry.

An Indonesian Lion Air jet that plunged into the Java Sea last week, killing all 189 on board, had an airspeed indicator problem on its fatal flight and on three previous journeys, the country's transportation watchdog said Monday.

Safety experts said investigators will look at why Lion Air didn't ground the plane if it experienced recurring problems with the sensors and subject it to more rigorous inspection and testing until the problem was fixed.

Cox said that once investigators have all the data, they will work backward to determine if there was a problem with one of the plane's systems or if pilot decisions put the plane in peril.

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The day before the crash, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 - which had only around 800 flying hours on the clock - had experienced a significant drop in altitude on a flight from Bali to Jakarta, passenger Robbi Gaharu said. The budget airline has frequently received complaints over safety issues, poor service and unreliable scheduling.

The transport ministry is coordinating with airport authorities, navigation operators and airlines among others to ensure airworthiness at all airports in Indonesia is well maintained, according to Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi.

"This is a preventive measure ...(The accident) is a very expensive lesson for us".

Authorities have yet to recover the jet's cockpit voice recorder from the sea floor, just northeast of Jakarta, where the plane crashed 13 minutes into its flight. But only 14 victims have been positively identified so far, Lion Air says.

Search and rescue agency head Muhammad Syaugi tearfully apologised Monday as relatives' clamour for answers grew louder, with accusations that the pace of recovery is lagging.

" 'Currently we are looking for the cause of [the] problem, ' he said". "We are trying the best we can with all we have. we are not giving up".

"There was some unusual noise coming from the engine and I could hear it because I was sitting in the window seat of row 22 near the wings", he said, adding that the plane's landing in Jakarta was not smooth either and bounced slightly as the tires touched the runway.

All were found to be airworthy although two required repairs for "minor" problems.

The accident has resurrected concerns about Indonesia's poor air safety record, which until recently saw its carriers facing years-long bans from entering European Union and U.S. airspace.

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