It's Not Your Imagination: Smartphone Battery Life is Getting Worse

Android 9 Pie review battery percentage Ambient Display

Android 9 Pie review battery percentage Ambient Display

According to the test results, newer smartphone models were, for a large portion of devices tested, seen as unable to compete with the older variants in terms of battery life. And though that marginally increases the overall battery life, The Washington Post has recently conducted tests showing that Lithium ion batteries are now unable to keep up with the increasing power needs of new technologies.

Overall smartphone battery life may be declining due to the increasing demands new technologies place on lithium ion batteries, according to smartphone testing done by The Washington Post. The new iPhone XS died 21 minutes earlier than last year's iPhone X. Google's Pixel 3 lasted almost an hour and a half less than its Pixel 2. But the most stark difference may have been between the Google Pixel 2 and its newest iteration the Google Pixel 3, which lasted an hour and a half less.

One of the exceptions to the trend discovered by the Washington Post seems to be Apple's newly-released iPhone XR, which makes use of an LCD display instead of OLED, which the majority of newer flagship phones use. This combination helped its battery life last for 12 hours and 25 minutes, a whopping 3 hours more than the XS.

The iPhone XR features a larger, 6.1-inch panel compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS, however the former uses a brand-new Liquid Retina display (LRD) technology based on the ubiquitous LCD standard. In the ranking of the best used smartphones 2017 and 2018, reports the with reference for Today.

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It lasted the longest in the battery test, besting the Pixel 3XL, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the iPhone XS Max.

"Batteries improve at a very slow pace, about 5 percent per year, but phone power consumption is growing up faster than 5 percent", Nadim Maluf, CEO of battery optimization firm Qnovo, told The Washington Post.
The company usually launches new charging cases soon after Apple launches new iPhones, though, with the iPhone X, things have been a little different.

Until someone comes up with a groundbreaking battery technology, consumers will just have to adjust via tricks like low power mode, lowering brightness, and utilizing Wi-Fi as much as possible.

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