Khashoggi audio makes apparent reference to Saudi Crown Prince, NYT reports

Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi

Lebanese-American businessman George Nadar organised the meeting and Joel Zamel, an Israeli with deep ties to his nation's intelligence and security agencies, also attended. "Including the Saudis, we've let every country who requested the recordings including US, France, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom listen to them".

"When the Saudi intelligence agent listened, he was shocked and said this could only be done by someone who got heroin".

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, as the first Western head of state or government confirmed that the intelligence belongs to the service of his country recordings of the killing Khashoggis.

Erdogan's communications director then blasted Le Drian for the denial. A recording collected by Turkish intelligence reportedly includes audio of a member of the kill squad informing someone to "tell your boss" - believed to be the crown prince - that they had finished their mission. There obviously was a tremendous mistake made, and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to cover up'.

The luggage contained five walky-talkies, 10 phones, two electric shock devices, two syringes and scissors, the paper said.

Khashoggi was a Washington Post columnist and a critic of the crown prince who was living in self-imposed exile before his death.

As Mohammad al-Otaibi walked a team of reporters through the rooms of the six-story Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, he avoided eye contact and buried his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers.

A man speaks during a commemorative ceremony for Jamal Khashoggi on 11 November in Istanbul.

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Addressing one veteran, he joked: "You look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched". He pulled out of a similar ceremony east of Paris on Saturday due to the weather.

Given his role as the senior diplomat in the consulate, Turkish authorities have been skeptical of the notion that Otaibi was an unwitting bystander to the killing.

He met with King Salman and was expected to meet the crown prince and press Saudi authorities to fully cooperate with Turkish investigators.

"Due process is in train at the moment in Saudi Arabia, and I was led to believe there will be rapid progress in making sure that people are brought to justice", he said.

Riyadh has flatly denied the royal family's involvement in what the Saudi government described as a "rogue operation", and announced that 18 suspects had been detained as part of the ongoing investigation.

Ronen Bergman, a journalist at the New York Times and member of the team which broke the story, told Al Jazeera that after the businessmen's lawyer rejected the idea of carrying out any assassinations, "Nader told the Saudis there are a group of SAS in London who might take the initiative".

As The New York Times claims, referring to three sources with knowledge of the matter, Saudi intelligence officials met with a group of businessmen in March 2017 to discuss a $2 billion plan to use private intelligence operatives in a bid to undermine Iran's economy.

But Turkish officials say they played them the recordings but did not hand them over.

Britain is s major arms supplier to Saudi Arabia, and opposition politicians and human rights groups have called on the government to cease such sales due to the high civilian death toll in air raids by the coalition in Yemen.

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