Monica Lewinsky Gets Candid About Her ‘Flirtatious Encounters’ With Bill Clinton!

Monica Lewinsky revisits scandal on her own terms in new docuseries

Monica Lewinsky revisits scandal on her own terms in new docuseries

"I loved working at the White House".

Shortly after when she walked by his office, Clinton smiled at her and motioned for her to come into the office and that was where they shared their first kiss after she confessed she had a crush on him.

Twenty years later, a once over-exposed Lewinsky said it was time to share her story in her own words - particularly because, she says, most versions of the story until now have been told by men. One main reason: "because I could", Lewinsky wrote.

She attended every ceremony she had an opportunity to get to, saying he paid a lot of attention to her.

'I just felt bad ... and I was scared ... and I was mortified, ' she says while trying to regain her composure. Lewinsky said he became "flirtatious" as they became more familiar with each other, adding that "it was escalating".

"Instead of pulling my pants up, like I would in any other instance, I didn't", said Lewinsky. "And she went into the dining room and hid there, because the illusion to everyone else was that I was not alone with him".

"There were always narratives of secrecy in this relationship", Lewinsky said.

"There was a point for me somewhere in the first several hours where I would be hysterically crying and then I would just shut down", she said "And in the shutdown period, I remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window". "And I did. It became more intimate from there".

It has been 20 years since the affair broke out and Monica Lewinsky is spilling some major tea.

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"Betty Currie was the President's secretary and she sat right outside the Oval Office in the West Wing".

She said that, during a birthday party for a White House staffer, where Clinton was present, Lewinsky said she noticed that her underwear was unintentionally showing from behind but she made a decision to leave it be. It also brought a ton of media attention and scrutiny to the young intern who was having an inappropriate relationship with a man she knew was married.

The relationship was one-sided though, with Clinton calling all the shots. "At that point, he was in touch or I saw him nearly weekly".

"And then he gave me this really attractive copy of 'Leaves of Grass.' It was a very meaningful present to me".

But people seem to want her. "I had naively invested in his and expected he would've won the election and within the first few days he would've called and, 'OK, great, where do you wanna work?' That didn't happen". "We were both cautious, but not cautious enough".

It's a massive turn-around for the Lewinsky who regularly shielded herself from the public eye and was careful about talking of the former first family of the United States.

Lewinsky has even managed to control intrusion into her personal life by keeping a tight circle of friends. I felt so much guilt.

Tripp, of course, would go on to secretly record their conversations about the president, recordings that would eventually go public.

Now, she is making headlines again with the new A&E special titled The Clinton Affair.

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