New adult flu vaccines launched

In this week's news of note Inv Vax reported positive preclinical results for a universal flu vaccine candidate

In this week's news of note Inv Vax reported positive preclinical results for a universal flu vaccine candidate

Flu shots are now readily available at VCH public clinics, doctors' offices, walk-in clinics and pharmacies.

It will take place on the second floor of the Police Department Thursday from 3pm-5pm.

There is a type of quadrivalent flu shot that can be given to children as young as 6 months, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It is a first come, first served basis.

Hannah Jones a Physiotherapist at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chose to have her flu jab when she was 34 weeks pregnant, she said: "I think it's very important to protect me, my fellow patients and also my unborn child from flu and I realise the importance of the protection it gives after my baby is born".

We're now in the midst of the flu season which typically ends in May. It usually doesn't arrive until January or so so this is early.

"The flu shot is safe and it dramatically reduces your likelihood of getting the flu. So if I got the flu shot today, it wouldn't be until mid-November that I'm actually protected against the flu", said Dr. Kerkering.

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In addition, your immune system may not develop strong enough antibodies to the strains of influenza in the vaccine, which could result in an increased chance that you could still get the flu.

Do I need a flu shot every year?

Between Oct. 7-13, there were 64 lab-confirmed cases of the flu across the state, according to the New York State Department of Health.

But as the country moves closer to winter, Canadians can expect the sounds of sneezing and hacking to ratchet up as the annual flu fest gets fully underway, say public health physicians, who would like to see the number of Canadians laid low by the virus dramatically curtailed. Last season, almost 80,000 Americans died from the virus. Fortune Magazine reported in mid-February that more than 4,000 Americans were dying daily because of the flu. The point here is that sometimes people start out with a common cold infection but then get infected with influenza shortly after. Last year, they didn't approve the live attenuated vaccine, which is a nasal spray and this year they did. "They just want people to get something, which is much better than nothing". The CDC indicates that vaccines either contain an inactivated and no longer infectious strain of the virus, a particle created to look like a flu virus to your immune system, or a live virus that has been changed so as not to infect a person. A lot of it had to do with people who are now on social media and and also the regular media who are not getting good information on vaccines. Tankut says, "It's important to understand the preliminary symptoms of the flu", like coughing, runny nose, and fever, and stay home if they show up.

To help get the word out, Minister Elliott encouraged colleagues, community leaders and people across the province to get their flu shot and post about it on social media using the hashtag #FightTheFlu.

"The flu vaccine can not cause the flu", she said. "Influenza can be the trigger for other complicated health issues".

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