New Alien Game, Blackout, Revealed In Trademark Filing

[Updated] Alien: Blackout Trademarked by 20th Century Fox

[Updated] Alien: Blackout Trademarked by 20th Century Fox

For a film series which is the main influence for 70% of video games, Alien and Aliens have received disappointingly few decent video game adaptions over the past forty years. For every Colonial Marines, there's a beloved Alien: Isolation.

At the start of November, Keighley teased the image below for the aforementioned The Game Awards. Considering that Cod Blops 4 named its battle royale mode Blackout, let's assume it's about 100 players trying to be the last colonist standing without an egg in their guts; that way, whatever they do announce will be a pleasant surprise.

The big news this weekend was the emergence of a new 20th Century Fox video game trademark for Alien: Blackout, which appears to be poised for a reveal next month at The Game Awards 2018.

When can we expect to see Alien: Blackout's announcement then? While there are no details on what the game is, we do know that developer Cold Iron Studios is working on an Alien FPS for PC and consoles. Cold Iron is staffed by people who worked on titles such as Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands, Doom, and Metroid Prime 3. "To explore areas of the universe that fans haven't gotten to experience, to put a game in that setting, is incredible".

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So probably not battle royale, then.

In cryptic tweets about the awards program, Keighley posted images with the words "WORLDS WILL CHANGE" in a blue-on-black typeface that looks an very bad lot like fonts used in the films Alien and Aliens.

It certainly looks like an announcement is set for The Game Awards but we'll have to wait until Thursday, December 6 to find out.

I suppose we'll see soon.

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