Nintendo awarded $12 million in ROM piracy case

Nintendo 'wins' £9.3m from ROM-hosting sites for

Nintendo 'wins' £9.3m from ROM-hosting sites for

An Arizona man has agreed to pay Nintendo $12 million for pirating the company's games through two ROM sites, according to court documents. The couple must sign over and to Nintendo and give up all their Nintendo games and emulators.

The heat is officially on for anyone who's been running one of the many sites that, for years now, have distributed free versions of Nintendo's games to anyone who wanted them. The owners reportedly shut down the sites immediately after the complaint was filed this summer, and have agreed to pay a court-ordered $12.2 million while admitting the sites violated Nintendo's copyright and trademark rights. Nintendo and the married couple have been involved in settlement discussions, and now it appears they're one step closer to bringing the legal drama to a close. "To access legitimate Nintendo games online, please visit [our_site] for information about the [Game Store]". The suit was filed for counts of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair competition.

Nintendo, the family-friendly home of classic video game characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong and a team of lawyers so goshdarn powerful that they could reduce the entire roster of Super Smash Bros.

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A judgement released today has gone Nintendo's way, and is holding the owners of long-standing websites LoveROMS and LoveRETRO responsible for a whopping total of $12 million United States dollars of damages to the Japanese video game giant.

Nintendo is also seeking to identify the sites' suppliers, take custody of all unauthorized copies of its works, and to take control of the and domain names.

But it's not just the ROMs the couple used. The site's library included games for Nintendo devices as well as other consoles, such as PlayStation and Atari. Nintendo's complaint also notes that LoveROMs had 17 million visitors each month.

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