Nintendo Black Friday deals include Switch and 2DS bundles

Marvel  SonyJust your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

Marvel SonyJust your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

Black Friday is only about a week and a half away, and as you'd expect, the deals that various manufacturers will be offering have started flooding in. Some retailers discounted Switch games for Black Friday, but the console largely stayed the same price, due to the fact that it was still relatively new and selling well.

Nintendo posted a fun two-minute video clip to YouTube starring Luigi, otherwise known as the other plumber (Mario tends to get the lion's share of attention), and towards the end Nintendo reveals what deals are coming. Ultimate. Nintendo knows those titles will be mega-sellers without a discount, so they can focus on an older title like Mario Kart when offering savings.

First up is a Nintendo Switch bundle which comes with a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe full game download for $299.99. Only Super Mario Odyssey has seen more sales, at 12.17 million units. If a more traditional handheld experience is what you're looking for, you can also pick up a yellow and red Nintendo 2DS bundle with Super Mario Maker pre-installed for $80. That's a nice value, considering that the game itself launched at $39.99.

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If you do opt to pick up the Switch bundle, you can accessorize it with a set of two white Joy-Con Wheels for $14.99.

Nintendo is gearing up for Black Friday 2018 with a pair of hardware bundles to help deliver cheer this holiday season. It's a new color option, and not a discount over the black model that is already on the market.

Both deals officially go live at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon.Com on Black Friday.

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