Reggie Says There's No Plans for an N64 Classic

The N64 Classic Not Releasing Anytime Soon

The N64 Classic Not Releasing Anytime Soon

Rumours have been circling around regarding Nintendo's next "classic" retro console project. Reggie didn't go into detail.

In this database, the Japanese brand brings out the jewels of the past as in the recent case of Gradius, and the truth is that the company desires to explore as much of the classic NES games as possible.

"I would not ever rule something out", he said, "but what I can tell you is certainly [the N64 Classic is] not in our planning horizon".

Look familiar? That's because it's an illustrated outline of the Nintendo 64 gamepad.

That silhouette of the NES Classic Edition gamepad on the top of the box?

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At the moment, the $20 per year service only offers a growing, Netflix-like selection of Nintendo Entertainment System games.

Fils-Aime explained that the first two Classic consoles were merely bridges between console launches.

So this year, many expected that Nintendo would once again continue this trend and would logically end up releasing the Nintendo 64 Classic, another new mini-device that this time featured the games from the N64 era. The Wii U was essentially dead in the water at that point, while Nintendo was still about five months away from launching its successor, the Switch. According to him, the launches of the NES Classic and SNES Classic had a strategic objective beyond just taking advantage of nostalgia, as they were meant to "bridge from the conclusion of Wii U as a hardware system to the launch of Nintendo Switch".

Although the strategy behind the decision does make sense, and it's honestly quite refreshing to hear that Nintendo isn't going to just pursue classic console because it's a lucrative initiative.

Bummer. Given Sony has a PlayStation Classic coming out very soon, I would have guessed Nintendo would follow suit, particularly when you consider the raging success of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles. For the time being, an N64 Classic is not happening and certainly won't be releasing in 2018.

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