Smash Bros. Ultimate/Pokemon: Let's Go to bump Switch sales

Pokemon Let's Go

Pokemon Let's Go

So with all that in mind, here's how to get all the Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles for Eevee and Pikachu.

While you're waiting for the game to drop, it may be useful to find out what can and can't be transferred between the games.

Nintendo is gambling that it can sell millions of Switch consoles this holiday season by introducing new Pokemon games that interact with the free-to-play mobile hit Pokemon Go, as well as a new character that resembles a hex nut.

Once you have sent it over its stats will reroll, the same as if it had been traded. Basically, the Poke Ball is a motion controller for Pokemon Let's Go, simplified for the game's needs. When it does, you simply press the button to essentially chuck a PokeBall at said Pokemon.

Then scroll down and tap Nintendo Switch, and then Connect to Nintendo Switch.

After you have clicked Pokemon GO the game will ask you if you want to pair the game, click yes.

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Nintendo needs to win the support of more gamers like Christina Grybel, a lifelong Pokemon player in the USA who plans to buy a Switch to collect the new pocket monster. Once you've acquired it, all you need to do is open your Pokemon Box and open up the summary window of a Pokemon in question.

Generally speaking, if it's got the name Pokémon attached, it's gonna be super effective in regards to making profit, but if you'd like to support the artist behind this new spin, more of Palmer's work can be found at his official website, on Twitter, or through livestreams via Twitch.

Pokemon boss Junichi Masada told Eurogamer how picking up Pokemon would work. You can also buy it in a bundle with Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu or Pokemon Let's Go Eevee for $100. Plus, you can also play Pokemon Go with it, too.

First you have to Unlock access to the GO Park after reaching the Fuchsia City.

Speak to the receptionist and select Bring Pokemon, and select where to send it to.

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