The Leonid meteor shower will be visible above Canada this weekend

The Leonid meteor shower will send shooting stars across the sky this weekend

The Leonid meteor shower will send shooting stars across the sky this weekend

And for some lucky Canadians, that could become a reality this weekend.

What's happening: The Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend, which means if you want a chance to see a celestial light show then now is the time to look up.

If you want to fearless the cold, both mornings on Saturday and Sunday bring prime time to see the Leonids Meteor Shower.

"From November 6-30, each year, Earth sweeps through a stream of debris left behind by Comet Tempel-Tuttle", reads a description from the Weather Network. It's one of the most significant and visible showers, along with the Perseids and the Orionids, which took place this year in August and October respectively.

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The meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Leo, the Lion, as the meteors will be coming from the stars that make up the lion's mane.

While most other meteoroid streams only contain "minuscule bits of dust and ice", the stream for Leonids also contain many gravel-sized bits.

According to NASA the Leonid Meteors, which travel at 41 miles per second are considered some of the fastest, and they are also some of the brightest and most colorful. This is not a particularly active year but still, there could be around 15 meteors an hour and the peak is the 17th and 18th November. Be sure to check online to see when it will be visible in your part of the country. For the best show, observers should head as far from the city as possible - artificial lights drown out fainter meteors and render the brighter ones less impressive. But you don't need to look in the direction of the constellation, because the meteors will appear all across the sky.

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