Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of US as elections near

Youth turnout could hold the key in the US mid terms and threaten Trump's hold on Congress

Youth turnout could hold the key in the US mid terms and threaten Trump's hold on Congress

He laid out the stakes on Monday in a call organised by his re-election campaign.

He said: "You put Stacey in there and you are going to get Georgia turn into Venezuela". What happens when they actually have power and the base wants them to go further than they think is prudent?

Mr Trump also took aim at Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is seeking to become the first black woman governor of any state in the union.

In an election-eve interview, Trump struck a gentler note with media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting, saying he regretted some of his caustic campaign rhetoric.

"All across the country, what I'm seeing is a great awakening", he said. "It's very simple", President Trump said while rallying this weekend.

In the final stages of the campaign, Trump has ramped up his hard-line rhetoric on immigration and cultural issues including warnings about a caravan of migrants headed to the border with Mexico and of liberal "mobs". "I can't speak to the blue, but I can speak to the red", Mr. Trump said earlier of Democrats and Republicans.

Voting will take place throughout Tuesday, with results to emerge overnight. And Trump could set his sights on ousting Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other key figures at the Justice Department, possibly ending the department's investigation of Russia's attack on the 2016 election.

Still, his xenophobic rhetoric has been unprecedented for an American president in the modern era: "Barbed wire used properly can be a handsome sight", Trump told voters in Montana.

"I don't think there's a Democrat in this country that does't have a little angst left over from 2016 deep down", said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY's List, which spent more than ever before - almost US$60 million in all - to support Democratic women this campaign season.

Trump has loomed large in both races, and he's even used his Twitter feed to blast Democratic candidates Andrew Gillum, who faces Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis in Florida, and Stacey Abrams who is facing Republican Brian Kemp of Georgia. It is just as probable that Trump is campaigning so much for Senate candidates because he and the people around him recognize he is much better as a base motivator than a swing-voter victor. Country singer Lee Greenwood performed Trump favourite "God Bless the U.S.A." in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was expected to appear Monday with the president in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

In the 69th Illinois House district, Rep. Joe Sosnowski, a Republican, will defeat Angie Bodine, 58 percent to 42 percent.

Casey is one of 10 Democratic senators running for re-election in states won by President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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One message falsely claiming to be from USA celebrity Oprah Winfrey called Stacey Abrams in Georgia "a poor man's Aunt Jemima" - referencing a controversial image of a black woman depicted as a slavery-era "mammy" figure - and other racial slurs. Democrats are tipped to take back the House while the Republicans are looking stronger in Senate races. "But I have never seen such an enthusiastic Republican Party".

Mr Trump, in particular, has played on a visceral fear of weak borders and caravans of migrants heading from Central America to the United States, and of the bogeys of runaway crime and socialist "mobs", if the Democrats gain ground and stall his agenda.

"I think we're going to do well in the House", he said of Tuesday's races.

A pre-midterms Ipsos poll for the Daily Beast found that "investigating and potentially impeaching" Mr Trump was the number one priority for self-identified Democratic voters.

At his rallies, Trump frequently declares that 2018 is the election of "Kavanaugh and the caravan".

In the final sprint to Election Day, Trump has pushed forward with rallies amid news events that would have halted previous leaders - holding a massive event in IL the same day a gunman massacred 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

But the final Politico/Morning Consult poll prior to the midterms was an outlier, showing Republicans cutting into Democrats' lead on the generic congressional ballot.

There's a good reason Mr Trump wants his most loyal supporters heading out to vote. "And maybe I could've been softer from that standpoint", he said.

But opinion polls were wrong in 2016 and as the midterm election nears, most pundits have turned to hedging their bets. "I don't care what they say".

The same soundtrack - heavy on Elton John and The Rolling Stones with a little Backstreet Boys and Rihanna thrown in - plays at the same earsplitting decibels. The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!"

Control of the House comes with subpoena power and the ability to use it to get his returns and potentially make them public.

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